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Credits for RGB songs streamed thru ReverbNation:

Ya Gotta Give It To Me :

Recorded by Kenn Moutenot - SongHouse 3000, Bergenfield NJ,

Kenn Moutenot, Drums, Mike Deichsel, Bass Guitar, Bob Elgar: Lead Guitar, Bob Bierwirth: Rthymn Guitar, Vocals


Granger Bierwirth: Drums & Bass , Bob Bierwirth: Guitars

Laden With Stone - Live at the Bulldog:

Steve Prager: Lead Guitar, Bob Bierwirth: Rthymn Guitar & Vocal (Live at The Bulldog Saloon, Depoe Bay OR, 2007)

All Colors Turned To Blue:

Will Kang: Lead Guitar B.Bierwirth, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocal

Zippy & Zoomer:

Vincent Gilbert: RhodesElectric Piano, B.Bierwirth, Guitars,Bass, Drums, Guitars, Congas, Keys and Pads

Yax Ku'k Mo:

Bob Elgar: Lead Guitar, Bob Bierwirth, Rthymn Guitar, Vocals TomDabrowski: Drums, Mike Deichsel : Bass

Phillabard Juncture:

Bob Elgar: Lead Guitar, Paul Mutzek: Bass, Tom Dabrowski: Drums, Bob Bierwirth: Rthymn Guitar, Vocal

Tom's Pet Toad:
Featuring Tom Dabrowski on Drums...RIP Tom!

Bob Elgar: Lead Guitar, Mike Deichsel: Bass, Bob Bierwirth: Rthymn Guitar

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