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The Bob Elgar Trio

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Bob Elgar has recorded a new CD in a private recording studio

Engineered by Michael D'Agostino

with the help of

Bob Magnuson on Wind Instruments,

Patrick Pfeiffer on Bass


Michael D'Agostino on drums.

This CD will be made available as soon as the disk mastering is complete. For Samples from the CD, Click Here

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Comments from Bob Bierwirth...aka..."RGB": ( 4-9-2007)

Blessed with the pleasure of having collaborated with Bob Elgar was a rewarding musical experience for me. Bob is an extremely talented musician who recognized my talents as a rebel music pioneer, and was risque enough to collaborate with me and my odd songs. His melodic expertise added so much to my music projects. Bob has a great ear! He knew how to work our chemistry into something extraordinary.During the reign of RGB & The Red Green Blues Band, Elgar had the open mindedness to work well with my odd compositions. He understood why I try so hard to define my own unique stylings and compositions. He also had my shared interest in creating music that was unique and original. The joining of Elgars' jazz guitar with my folk rock and blues variations has yielding some very enjoyable recordings. I enjoyed working with Elgar the most of all because of these qualities. His continuity and flow kept the wheels rolling enabling me to strive toward more of a jam band world. I have numerous recordings that were going along so well until you here Mike Deichsel in the background going Whoa, Whoa!!!!Forcing the recording to end, because he felt anything beyond 4 minutes was unexceptable. Elgar and I had zero interest in fitting a mold or conforming to American radio standards . There were times when it was difficult to move into changes with Elgars closed eye playing, but when I would listen to the recordings you know why. Elgar is very knowlegeable about complicated and long winded melodic structures, as he weaved them around my relatively simple yet unique foundations. As they happened, it sometimes wasn't easy to enact changes I was heading toward, but the proof was in the pudding when we listened back tothe recordings, Elgar always took the music to interesting places. Now that I live on the west coast, I miss playing guitar with Elgar. Bob now plays with some very impressive cats and he has most certainly earned that privelege with his dedication and endless hours of practice! I hope that we will soon once again be able to re-unite and record / gig.



Bob Elgar has been seriously studying the guitar for a very long time. It is quite evident when listening to him play.

He is very well educated in Jazz Guitar and has been honing his art for quite a while. With strong influence from Tal Farlow, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Eric Clapton, Django Rheinhart to name a few.

Bob has tailored his sound to the likings of the classic jazz guitar hits and some more obscure material known to many jazz efficianados

Bob plays primarily with his Gibson L-335

He also occasionally plays a Taylor 314-CE

Bob Elgar has played with many band overs the years, including RGB & The Red Green Blues Band (who is hosting this webpage - Because we love Bob!!!)

Mr. Elgar has also performed solo in many fine restaurants and clubs in the NY Metropolitan area.

Bob Elgar has gained the respect of many great local jazz players and club owners as well as many local jazz efficianodos. When he plays in a group he often puts together jazz trios consisting of top notch bassists and drummers to accompany his guitar work, so if you ever have the pleasure to catch him with his trio, your ears are in for a treat!

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(973) 702-7954