Tom Dabrowski:


 Instrument: Drums


I have enjoyed working with Tom over the years with many recordings and gigs. Tom is a serious music listener with a diverse pallette for both Rock and Jazz as well as music from cultures around the world. He studied drums from a very young age and was exposed to some very gifted teachers and fellow musicians. He played with many bands since the 70's. He came from a musically gifted family, and having a talented brother who was a keyboard player, Tom was exposed to music all of his life. One of Tom's heros is of course Ginger Baker of Cream fame. Tom had mastered "Toad" the near 15 minute drum solo from the Creams famed double LP, "Wheels Of Fire" There are of course endless lists of other drummers and influences of Tom. Tom has his drum studio on the east coast and I have my studio on the west coast and we are beginning a new internet based recording project which should prove to provide all of our fans with new and interesting material.

   Listen to "Tom's Pet Toad"