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Weary Town (1992) $10.00
*14 songs
A collection of songs about hard luck
characters and the lifestyle of dereliction.

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Wild Women, Whiskey & Wisemen(1995) $10.00

Several Instrumentals, a few jazzy numbers and a few lyrics that could make your

  grandma roll over in the grave.

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  • Ode to Granger
  • Party Time
  • Aint No Pot of Gold
  • Sit Back and Let it Happen
  • Rip Fuzz Blue
  • The Unflowering of Emily
  • The Tree Frogs
  • Wish My aby Would Love Me All Night Long
  • I Hope You Sleep Well At Night
  • Dime a Dozen
  • My Secondary Brain
  • Railroad Sam
  • Laden With Stone
  • Wish (B.Elgar)

Life In Phase 3(1997)


*15 Selections
     There's a few stories behind the title of
      this CD. I can't tell you them now, cause
     that would spoil the surprise.
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  • Lonely
  • To Feel The Feeling Of Love
  • Cold Cold Ground (T. Waits)
  • Railroad Sam
  • Zone 98
  • Daily Routine
  • Open Country Dreams
  • Solitude Without Permanent Isolation
  • I Hope You Strike A Gold Mine
  • Wild Girl The Cave Dwellers
  • December Nights
  • Thinking and Wondering
  • She Left Me Cold Flat Busted
Way to Go Bill!1998 $10.00


A few very interesting recordings all made    with our fearless leader Bill Clinton in mind.    On one hand I'm knocking him for his pecker    head way of leading the free world, and on    the other side of the coin we have another    human being, with needs that aren't being    filled where they ought to!

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  • Just Surrender
  • Way To Go Bill!-Ver. #1
  • Laden with Stone (Live)
  • I'm Crazy
  • Mr. Dick
  • I had Been Dreaming
  • My Baby (Live)
  • Way To Go Bill - Ver..# 2
  • Suzanne (L. Cohen)
  • The Pioneer
  • About Life
  • Come Together (Lennon/McCartney)
  • Pandoras Box

Once In a Blue Moon (2000)


*12 Selections
A ecclectic collection of songs and musical adventuresfor your ears to enjoy. Styles ranging from folk to jazz-rock with ballads and blues and whatever. You'll dig it. It's the best! Sample is "worksong"via iuma.com or Artistforum.com link below.The CD jacket design for "Once in a Blue Moon is worth the purchase alone.
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  • Whatever You May Be
  • Song For The Sun
  • Harvest & Philamina
  • One Crisp Autumn Eve
  • Sleeping I Dream of You
  • When My Feather Falls To The Ground
  • The Ghetto Song
  • Gong Groove
  • The Alley Cat
  • Dead Fly
  • Tom's Pet Toad
"Look! Up in the sky!!, It's a Bird!!! (2001) $10.00
12 selections with a strange almost prophetic link to an impending disaster tragically which happened to be Sept. 11th All the songs words, CD compilation and Titles up to the 11th song were completed 3 to 4 weeks before Sept. 11. The 12th selection titled "911" was actually created on Sept. 12th. I was there at 90 Church Street directly across the street from the WTC Complex and 7 World Trade on the other side of us.
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  • Yax Ku'k Mo
  • You Gotta Give It To Me
  • I Hope You Sleep Well At Night
  • He'll Take You In
  • The Fillabard Juncture
  • The Work Song
  • The Alley Cat
  • When My Feather Falls To The Ground
  • Down On The Ground So Small
  • Feel I'm Running Out of Time
  • 911

RGB SOLO(2002) 


12 Interesting recordings from an interesting cat,
regardless of how uncommon,
who plays all instruments and created all noises and
CD design, art and photography and poetry.
~Just For The Sake Of Being Creative!!!~
This CD Label Contains a booklet -Open It!
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  • Scrambled Dream Scene
  • Bird Nest Soup
  • Sleeping I Dream of You
  • Alien Love
  • Shiver On Jones
  • Behind The Curtain
  • Harper's Bizzarre
  • Smithers of Green Orange and Blue
  • Time Moves On and Life Goes On
  • Rolling On Down The Road
  • Check It Out
  • The Sunny Day Song
The RGB Band (MP3 Archive Data CD)
69 Great recordings in MP3 for a reasonable price
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  • 69 Songs from all the aboveCD's in MP3 format

RGB - To Oregon (Double CD) (2007)

Currently only availble by phone or e-mail request.

A double CD I created all by my lonesome in a pole barn by Boiler Bay on the Oregon Coast. RGB All instruments! Renee Zellweger voice recording from Movie "Cold Mountain" copyrighted by Miramax on my song "Psychedelic Tsunami" I found through the process of making this CD that I prefer to work alone. This is where I receive my greatest enjoyment and where I can allow my music to be deeply personal to me. I am willing to share if you want to listen. This is the art for ears I have created...It is what it is!!!

  • Disk1:
  • A Place In The Sun
  • The Ocean's Song For Us
  • Counting Rainbows
  • After The Storm
  • Boiler Bay Blues
  • Take It To The Limit
  • 2FMF's Bring Me Down
  • Psychedelic Tsunami
  • Dried Up Tears
  • Templed
  • Disk 2:
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • When I Was a Boy
  • Crocodile Suitcase
  • Dear God, Please Rain Down The Money
  • Fickle Farewell
  • Sundown
  • Slide On By
  • In My Pad On Highway 101
  • My Place By The Sea
  • 101

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