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I'm an east coast transplant living on the Oregon coast.

The majority of my career was in NYC. I had gone to IAR in 1979/80 right at the advent of MIDI and the move from analog to the digital world. I next attended CPI in Paramus NJ, now known as The Dover Business School. There I studied AC/DC Electronics, Semi-Conductor Devices and Microprocessor Technology. I beat the streets in NYC and the metropolitan area trying to get a job in a recording studio, but was greatly disappointed to find very few opportunities.

I ended up working for Calcomp as a field service engineer in NYC installing and maintaining cutting edge CAD systems, vector and raster plotters and digitizer tablets at architectural firms in the tri-state area. Married and had a daughter and a son. Lived in Warwick, commuting in and out of NYC for many years.

My passion was with recording sound. I've been experimented with recording from reel to reel to, cassette, multi-track and hard disk recording for over 35 years now.

Now living in Yachats OR., I've put together a studio on my property , offering local musicians as well as musicians from afar a place to come to work on their music and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the Oregon Coast for a few days at a time, including very comfortable overnight accomodations.